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Personal profile


Mad chestnut who fled young from the “Brianza Velenosa”, has always chosen unconventional training courses. He studies languages, lives abroad, starts university but soon realizes that he prefers his job as a clown doctor in hospital. He studied gymnastics, played baseball, became curious about juggling and when he grew up he landed in dance.

In 2005 he found Contact Improvisation under a tree.

The meeting is one of those that cannot be mistaken: the two are made for each other.

He studies with many trainers in Italy and abroad, integrating Contact Improvisation with somatic practices, parkour, mountain walks and any other practice that trains the body in all its aspects: physical, perceptive, imaginative, emotional, collective. He considers improvisation a precious tool for artistic creation as well as for life: improvisation cultivates fundamental resources to be rooted and ready to live an increasingly unstable and unpredictable, fragile society.

In 2015 he founded the duo "In remote". Project that crosses dance and architecture and the  concept of living. One place, one body, one state


He collaborates with theater schools, integrating the work of the actor with the study of the body as a creator of narratives. She teaches in many international CI festivals (Israel, Romania, Friborg, Italy, USA. For many years organizer of CI events, in 2017 she is part of the team that organizes ECITE (European Contact Improvisation Teacher Exchange) in Italy.

In 2018 he founded the association CorPoetica. 

Dal  2020 teaches contact improvisation at Artemente, a high training center for dance in Milan.

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