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Personal profile


He was born in Milan in 1992, and from 2011 to 2014 he attended the three-year degree course in Sciences of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activity at the University of Pavia.

Subsequently, in 2015/16 he began training in Osteopathy, a discipline that before being manual therapy is for him a philosophy, a science and an art.

Thanks to these two training courses, it realizes the innate desire to find a path that has to do with the body and movement, as fundamental aspects of human culture and main tools for well-being, prevention and psycho-physical health care. .

After graduation, he begins a long personal research on free body movement, an area in which he observes the presence of stimuli and knowledge that the academic environment had not been able to give him.


The study of this type of training, of the human body and of the movement skills that distinguish it allows him to review the classic concept of development and evolution of motor skills.

Lavora  as a personal trainer pursuing a vision of training that is independent of strength machines, that moves away from the classic concept of fitness or workout, and that focuses on conditioning and prevention of the body from a maintaining health.

It is thanks to this critical approach that he soon approaches less sport specific and more generalist disciplines, such as climbing and contact improvisation. It is in fact the art of movement itself that has always attracted and motivated him, the challenge and the benefit of being able to learn thanks to different motor contexts.

In September 2018, a training course focused on the study of Contact Improvisation begins in Berlin. At the same time, he founded the CorPoetica association in Milan, to continue his investigation of the body and movement as artistic tools for personal growth and the search for health.


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